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Hello Meet Our Post-Master Therapist

Markia Mabin is working towards her licensure, and she comes to Legacy Living Services, LLC with a wealth of experience!


Markia has been in the social service field for the last eleven years while also completing her Master's Degree in Psychology!

She is passionate about helping people work through anxiety, depression, and trauma and learning to live their desired lives. 

My Story

My name is Markia Mabin. I believe mental health and healing are extremely important. My intended legacy to leave behind would be thriving to help and equip individuals and families with tools to succeed and thrive on their mental health journey.  

Through all the unexpected curve balls, rocky roads, and rollercoasters in life, everybody indeed needs somebody. Sudden changes and life transitions could be difficult to navigate, causing a need for reassurance and reinforcement, and I am thankful that I get the opportunity to be that for someone. 

Developing a trusting relationship and safe environment can greatly assist and relieve someone struggling with mental health concerns. Because everyone and every situation is unique, I take an Integrative Therapy approach as a different therapy method may be necessary for different individuals. 


If you are interested in working with Markia, contact her at:


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